Take the Skintelligence Test

This quick and easy test has been created in partnership with Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall

It consists of a series of short questions which will help you to assess how well you know your skin condition. By understanding your skin and its triggers you will begin to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Simply use the scale system to select your level of knowledge for each question and we will let you know how well you know your skin, along with some tips for expanding your knowledge even further!


How clear do you feel about factors that can trigger your skin to flare up, such as certain foods, certain household products and changes in the weather?

Not aware Very aware


How confident do you feel that you have a regular and effective emollient routine in place?

Not confident Very confident


How knowledgeable do you feel about the science behind your condition?

Not knowledgeable Very knowledgeable


How clear do you feel about the severity of your skin condition?

Not clear Very clear


How clear do you feel about what to look for in skin care products to suit your personal requirements?

Not clear Very clear


To what extent do you feel that your skin condition affects your lifestyle and outlook on life?

Very much Not at all


How often do you feel worried or distressed by your skin condition?

Very frequently Hardly ever


How comfortable do you feel talking about your skin condition with others?

Not at all Very comfortable


How in control of your skin condition do you feel?

Not at all Very much in control

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