Nourishing Facial Night Cream

Nourishing Facial Night Cream

Add our NEW Nourishing Facial Night Cream to your bed-time routine to help dry skin and eczema-prone skin on the face. With ingredients, jojoba seed oil, castor oil and shea butter it nourishes skin overnight helping to ease irritation. It also contains squalane and glycerin to soften and soothe dry skin.

Available in:

  • 75g

Nourishing Facial Night Cream

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Ideal for

  • Patches of Itchy skinUse on the face
  • On-the-go useEveryday use
  • On-the-go useNight-time use


  • Non-greasy formulationIntensely hydrating ingredients
  • Clinically provenReplenishes moisture whilst you sleep


Using a small dollop of cream, apply gently to the face at night, daily. Be careful to not overly irritate the skin when applying. Allow to absorb overnight for maximum effect.

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