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If you’re looking for a bespoke product recommendation to suit your skin’s needs, look for further. Answer six quick questions on the next page and our matchmaker, designed with GP, Dr Roger Henderson*, will get to work.

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All from the first eczema-prone skincare range to be approved by the British Skin Foundation.

"If you have dry skin or symptoms of eczema or psoriasis, it’s important to take the time to understand your skin.

One person’s skincare hero, may not be another’s. However, finding the right skincare match for you can help you manage your symptoms and keep your skin hydrated."

GP, Roger Henderson

“Cetraben Cream has played a big role in my eczema journey. Previously I’d have to constantly find new ways to moisturise my skin as products didn’t last, however finding Cetraben a couple of years has really helped. “It’s about listening to your body and doing what it needs in that moment.”

Zainab Danjuma